Timbre Jam Reviews

Brian Hill (Drum Corps World)
Eric Proctor – Educator

Describing the Timbre Jam is kind of like the parable of the various blind men describing the elephant. Depending on how you “look” at the pad or how you approach it, it can be very different things. I know that in my Drum Studios it generated a lot of interest among many disparate types of players. The Marching Corps guys saw it as great training tool for approximating tenor drums/quads etc. My alternative Rock students saw it as a potential drum set addition, as another voice or a trigger of some kind. I find it very useful as an accompaniment in my Drum Circle group and also,perhaps surprisingly, as a melodic and ruminative way to practice, like an hypnotic “Tongue Drum” sound and feel. I also like the look and construction and the fact that the originators took something that is hardly new (rubber and wood have always been married together) but took it up to a totally different and distinct notch.All in all an interesting and heartfelt idea and execution.

– Martin Bradfield (Philadelphia, PA – Drum Instructor of Martin Bradfield Drum Studio)


I’m very impressed with the Timbre Jam. I want to refer to it as a practice pad, but it’s actually more than that. It’s loud enough and flexible enough in tone to be used as an additional instrument in any percussionist’s set up. Even though I’ll probably only use it as a practice pad, I’ve got much more control over its volume and tone than ANY other pad out there. The craftsmanship is excellent and it’s nice that it’s all an American-Made product. It’s definitely made “practicing” fun again!

– Chris Carson (Nashville, TN – Producer/Drummer)


The Timbre Jam is an excellent practice pad that captures the authentic, fluent feel of an acoustic drum.  The unique, chambered design increases the pad’s utility by allowing the drummer to practice rudiments while projecting pleasing sounds, similar to a wood block.  This dual-purpose pad has made practice more enjoyable and has significantly increased both my stick control and live performance with Bondage & Discipline.  The Timbre Jam delivers a new level of fun!

– Daniel Mazzenga (Philadelphia, PA – Local Performer)


I LOVE THE TIMBRE JAM! The sound created from it makes me want to play. Many of my students have purchased the Timbre Jam after being exposed to it in their lessons. It has such a bright open tone that is pleasing to listen to. The brightness can be adjusted with the accompanying muffler. I have used it with success in percussion ensembles. You can’t do that with a typical practice pad on the market today. Playing three different Timbre Jams offers one numerous melodic and rhythmic choices. Check it out and see if you agree.

– Ken Vogel (Wayne, PA – Instructor)